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How to Optimize EHR Documentation for Better Patient Outcomes

How to Optimize EHR Documentation for Better Patient Outcomes

In today’s digital age, Electronic Health Records (EHRs) have become an integral part of the healthcare industry.In this blog, we will discuss how to optimize EHR documentation to improve patient outcomes. We will explore best practices, tools, and techniques that healthcare professionals can use to streamline documentation processes and make the most of EHR technology.

How to Create a Safety Culture Within your Business

How to Create a Safety Culture Within your Business

For business owners, including independent practitioners, it’s important to create a culture of safety. Not only for the well-being of ourselves, but any staff that may work for you. Worker training and orientation are part of the employer’s occupational health and safety responsibilities with ensuring a safe work environment.

Customer Testimonials

Diane Hill-Doell LPN FCN

Advance Foot Care By Nurses
“CompanyOn allows me to operate my mobile foot care business ‘on the go’ with easy access to patient records any place at any time. I spend more time focusing on my patients needs knowing the CompanyOn platform takes care of my needs; scheduling, taking payments, documentation and knowing my client’s data is stored safely on Canadian servers gives me the peace of mind I have been looking for”

Julie Phaterpekar RPN FCN

Beyond Toes Foot Care
“The CompanyOn platform has made such a positive impact on many aspects of my footcare nursing practice. Everything from booking appointments, charting and billing to tracking income and expenses is so seamless. It is hard to imagine managing my business without CompanyOn and the excellent support provided.””

Nicolette Hildebrand LPN

Sole Solutions Professional Nursing Foot Care
“Making the switch from paper charting to electronic with CompanyOn has made a positive impact for my nursing foot care business.  Being able to access client records and my appointment schedule at any time from my phone and not having to carry around so much paper has been a huge improvement for me.  I love being able to create and customize my own charting templates to meet my specific needs.  Their customer service  is second to none!”

Diana Millan

“There are so many things to consider when running a practice, that having a platform like CompanyOn, makes managing my business much easier.”

Best Practices On Risk Management and Quality Assurance For Solo Practitioners

It is important for regulated solo practitioners to be committed to ongoing quality improvement and risk management of their practice. Ensuring safe and efective provision of care services is paramount for the establishment, maintenance and growth of any business.

One key step to accomplish this, is committing to developing policies and procedures that address risks and quality assurance of your private practice

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