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When compared to similar applications, CompanyOn is a cost-effective alternative for solo practitioners or clinics to start, establish and grow their businesses.



We want to transform your business by being remarkable!

We are empowering healthcare entrepreneurs in their pursuit of professional freedom & independence, by leveraging technology to better serve clients while building a solid business and a sustainable practice.


Our goal is to building a tribe of like minded practitioners to create solutions that improve how a business is run. To build trusted relationships and share great advice.


With your feedback and insight, we want to find the things that are needed in your business and invest heavily in them. Always making them more effective, more intuitive and efficient. We invest heavily in infrastructure, great design, and customer service.


Treating people right is fundamental to how we do business. We treat our customers as we’d want to be treated. If you have a general question for us, just drop us an email and we’ll get back to you within a day.

Customer Testimonials

Christina Nasso LPN FCN

Serenity Nursing Foot Care Services
“CompanyOn is a great company. My onboarding to the platform went smoothly with the help of the supportive and knowledgeable team at CompanyOn. My business is much more organized and simplified now. Their features are customized to businesses which make starting, owning, and running my practice more efficient. Daily operations are made easy and they take care of the billing and scheduling. My clients feel cared for with the reminders they receive through text or email. This is just one of the many great features that my company uses!”

Laura Ross Foot Care Nurse

Laura Ross Nursing Foot Care
Processing payments electronically is an absolute dream. I could never go back to providing paper receipts. My clients benefit as well as it is more professional and they are able to retrieve receipts quickly for insurance purposes or income tax deductions for medical expenses”

Ricardo Mejia - Physiotherapist

Physiotherapy Services

“Invoicing is an integral part of my physiotherapy practice. However, I was facing a lot of challenges creating Manual paper-based invoices that adversely were affecting my business. It was time-consuming and I was having a hard time tracking them all for compliance purposes. With CompanyOn, I am now able to streamline and customize the invoicing process to suit my business needs. It helps my business control and creates accurate reports of all transactions. Improving workflows and speeding up payment processing. Their customer service is excellent!“

Diane Hill-Doell LPN FCN

Advance Foot Care By Nurses
“CompanyOn allows me to operate my mobile foot care business ‘on the go’ with easy access to patient records any place at any time. I spend more time focusing on my patients needs knowing the CompanyOn platform takes care of my needs; scheduling, taking payments, documentation and knowing my client’s data is stored safely on Canadian servers gives me the peace of mind I have been looking for”

Julie Phaterpekar RPN FCN

Beyond Toes Foot Care
“The CompanyOn platform has made such a positive impact on many aspects of my footcare nursing practice. Everything from booking appointments, charting and billing to tracking income and expenses is so seamless. It is hard to imagine managing my business without CompanyOn and the excellent support provided.””

Nicolette Hildebrand LPN

Sole Solutions Professional Nursing Foot Care
“Making the switch from paper charting to electronic with CompanyOn has made a positive impact for my nursing foot care business.  Being able to access client records and my appointment schedule at any time from my phone and not having to carry around so much paper has been a huge improvement for me.  I love being able to create and customize my own charting templates to meet my specific needs.  Their customer service  is second to none!”

Diana Millan

Physiotherapy Mobile Services
“Since implementing CompanyOn’s automated appointment scheduling and reminder system, my practice has seen a significant decrease in the number of missed appointments and an increase in the number of patients seen. This system has made it much easier for our patients to schedule and confirm appointments, and the reminders have helped to ensure that they don’t forget. The time and effort saved by automating these tasks have allowed us to see more patients and provide better care overall. I highly recommend this system to any practice looking to improve their appointment scheduling process.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we cancel at any time?

Yes! You can cancel at any time without penalty or hassle. If you prepaid for a year, we’ll refund any unused months.

Who owns the data entered into CompanyOn?

All content posted on the service must comply with laws and regulations governing the use of Patient Data and for determining the legal basis for such use. CompanyOn claims no intellectual property rights over the data or material you provide to the Service. All data uploaded are confidential and remains YOURS, our customer. 

How we keep your data safe and protected?

Keeping our customer’s data safe and secure is a huge responsibility and a top priority for CompanyOn. Our data is stored on secure servers on proper data centres located in Canada. Only authorized individuals have access to the facilities.

Your data while in transit to CompanyOn and once in CompanyOn is transmitted and encrypted using HTTPS (the same way that banking information is transmitted). Any files which you upload to us are stored and are encrypted at rest.