“CompanyOn allows me to operate my mobile foot care business ‘on the go’ with easy access to patient records, scheduling and payment processing. Knowing my client’s data is stored safely on Canadian servers gives me the peace of mind I have been looking for”

Diane Hill-Doell LPN Foot Care Nurse Owner, Advance Foot Care By Nurses Inc.

"CompanyOn has made such a positive impact on my footcare nursing practice. Everything from booking appointments, charting and billing to tracking income and expenses is so seamless. It is hard to imagine managing my business without it."

Julie Phaterpekar RPN Foot Care Nurse Owner, Beyond Toes Foot Care.

"Making the switch from paper charting to electronic with CompanyOn has made a positive impact for my nursing foot care business. Being able to access client records and my appointment schedule at any time from my phone, has been a huge improvement for me."

Nicolette Hildebrand LPN Foot Care Nurse Owner, Sole Solutions Professional Nursing Foot Care.

"Invoicing is an integral part of my physiotherapy practice. However, I was facing a lot of challenges creating manual paper-based invoices that adversely were affecting my business. With CompanyOn, I am now able to streamline and customize the invoicing process, helping me control and create accurate reports of all transactions."

Ricardo Mejia Physiotherapist, Business owner.

A simple and affordable solution to overcome the challenges of running an independent practice

Caring for clients while running a business is time consuming, costly and challenging. CompanyOn solves the day to day chaos of running your practice through automation and simple workflows, while ensuring  professional standards compliance.


CompanyOn offers specialized electronic charting for foot care nurses, to document assessments, treatments, follow ups and much more!

Take advantage of our 2D feet diagrams and addition of photos to better track your treatments.

Focus on growing your business and let CompanyOn streamline every process needed to run your practice.

Our secured cloud-based platform collects critical patient information and meet professional privacy requirements with little effort, maintenance, or downtime.

Accept payments and send invoices online

With our simplified and automated billing system, accept payments faster for all your healthcare services. Say goodbye to expensive terminal machines.

Smart and multifunctional electronic charting

No matter if you are assessing, following up or carrying out treatments, our platform offers specialized electronic charting for Foot Care Nurses and Allied Primary Healthcare Practitioners among others.

Easy to use scheduler and online booking

Effortlessly book, check-in and send automated appointment notifications and reminders and let your clients book your services online.

Get smart insights into how your business performs

CompanyOn’s data tracking system, helps your business gain valuable insight into how it runs. Identify trends and create strategies so your practice keeps growing.

Be empowered to establish, manage and grow a meaningful independent practice

Professional Requirements

CompanyOn was created by healthcare professionals keeping in mind regulatory requirements and best practices. When it comes to documentation, privacy and confidentiality, Companyon has you covered. With our servers located here in Canada, we make sure that your clients’ health records are safe and protected.


CompanyOn is a space that identifies risk management concerns and supports safe, competent and ethical care. A community in which professional challenges are discussed, and where ideas about providing patient care and services are shared.


No more paperwork and storage issues. With our electronic charting forms and cloud based platform, CompanyOn takes care of overhead expenses that represent a significant amount of time and cost for you.

Risk Management

CompanyOn helps you grow your practice by improving all aspects of patient care. From the moment your client books an appointment, to the moment your client pays for your healthcare services. All done online, in a safe and efficient way.

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