CompanyOn:The Benefits to Using Our Electronic Clinical Management Platform

Our secured cloud-based platform can collect critical patient information and help our users meet professional requirements on privacy obligations with little effort, maintenance, or downtime, while reducing overhead costs, save time by removing the burden of many repetitive tasks and paperwork, and improve client engagement. All at the same time.



CompanyOn is a specially-designed and secure cloud-based platform that collect critical patient data, helping users to meet both professional requirements and privacy obligations.

While this is a vital tool for any practice to have in their arsenal, CompanyOn’s electronic clinical platform can be particularly useful for solo practitioners, whether that be nurses, physiotherapists, massage therapists, or anyone else in the health care community.

Perhaps the most attractive benefit of all comes as our secured cloud-based platform can help reduce overhead costs in five key ways:

Increased accuracy – CompanyOn’s platform provides solo practitioners the ability to customize chart templates for their individual needs. Practitioners can create accurate, short-answer fields, radio buttons, and checkboxes to eliminate the need for handwritten information and drastically reduce the likelihood of transcription errors. Not only this but these templates are specifically designed to be set up quickly and implemented easily, cutting down on both time and money.



Complete record ensured – Practitioners can rest assured that entries will never be saved until all necessary information has been inputted within the dynamic forms. When creating your chart templates, you can mark ‘required fields’ to ensure what information has to be entered before moving ahead.

Streamlining communications – Our Platform allows our users to send forms online in a secured way, thus streamlining the patient onboard process. This allows you to spend more time on patient care rather than wasting precious minutes on collecting information.


Facilitating provider-patient communications – In the “new normal “ due to COVID-19, CompanyOn’s online forms grant health care providers and patients the peace of mind and ability to communicate and collect information in a contactless way when needed.  A perfect scenario is pre-screening your clients for any signs and symptoms for COVID 19 prior to a visit.  Our platform gives you the opportunity to send via email a screening tool, which by the way, can be created and customized through our Dynamic Forms, prior to seeing your clients. Your client will be able to complete this form electronically and once submitted, sent it back to you in a very simple and secure way. Additionally, this amazing feature allows your practice to align with protocols required by public health authorities and your professional regulator.

Reducing paper processes – Our electronic charting system replaces many paper-based filing methods that have become dated over the past two decades. Not only does this cut down on printing and paper costs, but it also increases patient onboarding, removes a number of security risks, and helps the environment.

To learn more about these benefits and many more, sign up for your free trial or book a demo by contacting us. Don’t just take us at our word with regards to these many benefits either, have a look through our positive customer testimonials online to see how our services can improve your solo practitioner business today!

With CompanyOn by your side, business really is that simple.

Best Practices On The Use, Storage, Retention & Disposal of Clients Personal Information

Due to the nature of the healthcare industry, we will all have access to personal details of the people we help. It is vital that these details are utilized, stored and disposed of in a manner that is respectful to the client and complies with government directives and guidelines.

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