CompanyOn: Making Scheduling Instant and Easy

During these uncertain times, more so than normal it is comforting to be able to rely on a consistent and dependable scheduling system for your business.



When looking to grow your solo practice while offering the same level of expertise and quality of service you are known for, it can often feel as if you need a second pair of hands.

Unfortunately, many solo practitioners cannot afford to simply hire another worker, which is where the CompanyOn scheduling system comes in.

Our software allows you to make instant bookings and check-ins at the click of a button, with automated notifications and reminders for your clients, ensuring that no appointment is overlooked and missed.

The intuitive online booking services available allow your clients to schedule their own appointments while you focus on the more important aspects of the business, such as providing top class care.

Unlike a lot of scheduling systems, CompanyOn includes the ability to access Google Maps via the scheduler, meaning that mobile solo practitioners can receive quick and easy directions straight to their client’s home.

To learn more about these benefits and many more, sign up for your free trial or book a demo. Don’t just take us at our word with regards to these many benefits either, have a look through our positive customer testimonials online to see how our services can improve your solo practitioner business today!

With CompanyOn by your side, business really is that simple.

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