How to Streamline the Admission Process and Collection of Client Information

Have you ever wondered how to increase efficiencies when admitting a new client? In any industry, at any time, it is important to consider ways to improve your business processes.



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As a solo practitioner, this task seems even more crucial. The ultimate goal as a healthcare provider is not just to provide the best care possible for our clients, but to do so in the most simple and painless way.

Using automation tools as a way to collect and keep patients’ information current has helped many providers realize benefits. Costs are lowered by eliminating manual processes because it’s faster and less error-prone while improving customer experience that leads to higher retention rates.

Here are other benefits healthcare providers are seeing as a result of using automation and electronic processes for the admission and collection of client information:

Reduced Paperwork

Digital healthcare documents are designed to eliminate paperwork by collecting and storing patient information in one place and use automated data collection to save you time.

Accurate chart recording and time-saving at the point of care

Paper documents are susceptible to human error. A common example is entering dates incorrectly, particularly in the case of handwritten forms. use automated data collection to allow patients to complete forms prior to their visit. Clients need no longer to complete paperwork before they are cared for.

Retain & Export Data

The best document automation tools have the ability to retain (or “archive”) your documents so that you never lose access to the information you’ve already recorded. You can also export patient data to share with other healthcare providers, doctors, patients, and more.

Security by design

Solutions that provide data encryption, permission-based security, and other common security features are vital. What sets a secure digital documentation solution apart is its ability to help you meet your professional obligations when it comes to privacy and confidentiality.

Scaling your business

By streamlining the way you admit clients and collect information, you are building a competitive business. This process in itself could translate to more client acquisition, more referrals, and more revenue. You will be creating a path for growth for your entire practice.

Facilitating your business’s growth is very important for us here at CompanyOn. Our online forms feature can help you accomplish the above goals and much more. To learn more about how you can streamline admitting and collecting client information, please click here.

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