How to Reduce Wait Times in Your Practice With Online Forms

Patients are beginning to expect greater convenience and efficiency when it comes to their healthcare, especially when it comes to wait times. It’s no surprise, then, that a growing number of practices are turning towards online patient forms.



As most of us have experienced, healthcare wait times are long. There are many factors that can influence your practice’s patient wait times, including the size of it, how patients make appointments, and how the information regarding their needs and request for your services is collected. But this can change.

Online forms save you time and money by allowing you to send and request information in a secured way, thus streamlining the patient onboard process and follow-up care. It allows you to build quality patient care plans by automatically directing all information collected straight into your client’s records. No need of moving or copying information from one place to another.

Additionally, In the “new normal “ due to the pandemic, online forms grant healthcare providers and patients the peace of mind and ability to communicate and collect information in a contactless way when needed. A perfect scenario is pre-screening your clients for any signs and symptoms for COVID 19 prior to a visit, asking for updated information on their condition, and much more.

Reducing paper processes – Online forms replace and reduce paper processes that have become dated over the past two decades. Not only does this cut down on printing and paper costs, but it also decreases wait and onboarding times, removes a number of security risks, and helps the environment.

When these solutions and services are powered by innovative technologies like CompanyOn, they can further improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your business and practice, helping grow and removing manual and error-prone processes.

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