How to Better Engage Your Clients Using Digital Marketing: Your Reputation Management is key to converting new patients.

As provision of healthcare is moving from a hospital setting to community settings, how do you make sure your independent practice stand out?



Nowadays, a client’s online experience is key to whether they choose to use your services or not. When creating an exemplary online experience for potential clients, you are creating a higher chance for engagement and retention.

That’s why user-generated content like reviews and testimonials, is a key element search engines considered as part of their ranking online. If reputation management is not a part of your healthcare marketing strategy, it’s highly probable that you’re losing out on new clients. Create more opportunities with a unique online presence:

    Ask your clients for testimonials and reviews on the care you provide:

    Adopt an email campaign or a client satisfaction survey that follows up with patients after appointments. These reviews could not only improve search rankings, by also help your practice discover trends and implement improvements.

    Automating patient communication and feedback gives your private practice the opportunity to identify gaps in the care you provide and develop solutions. Equally, by doing so, you create a unique patient experience that increases the opportunity for your patients not only to return but to refer your services by word of mouth and online.

    Remember that marketing your services must comply with the practice standards of your regulatory college; it must be truthful, honest, and not misleading

    Disclaimer: This information is provided in an attempt to heighten sensitivity, increase awareness, and enhance judgments on this topic. We encourage our audience to contact their professional body to learn more. CompanyOn does not represent or speak on behalf of any regulatory body. 

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