Our secured cloud-based platform helps solo practitioners collect critical patient information in a simple and effective way, while meeting professional privacy requirements.

Here is How CompanyOn Works.

Hassle-Free Scheduling

Save time and reduce no-shows


Create and modify appointments


Create a new client

 Customized views


Customized filters


Automated email/SMS notification

Easy check-ins and cancellations

Direct access to patient chart

Process of payments

Electronic Charting

Customizable Chart Templates.

  • SOAP
  • Assessments
  • Follow ups
  • Treatments
  • Care plans
  • Medical Hx.
  • Specialized charting (Foot Care Nursing, Physio, Massage Therapy) 
  • Add photos to track evolution of care
  • 2D Charting Templates.

Online Forms

Replace paperwork with online medical forms that can be completed anywhere. 

Easily streamline client onboarding processes. Boosting  productivity and enhancing client care.

All data sent and collected via our online forms, is encripted, providing the safety you and your clients need.

Send e-consents and let your clients sign them from anywhere on any device.

Track every form collected directly into your client’s records.

Online Payments

Process payments online from anywhere, at anytime. No terminal machine needed

Accept payments from any bank

Send automated invoices and receipts

Send e-invoices

Track every payment received

To learn more about our features, please visit our YouTube channel here.

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