Welcome to CompanyOn’s specialized foot care charting.

It allows you to document in detail the care you provide. You can add photos and notes to better track your care.

Let’s show you how it works.

Head to the timeline of your client and click on add a new entry.

Next, choose the assessment chart template.

You will find 3 ways you can record the care you provide. You can use all of them or skip to the one you prefer.

You can use a SOAP charting, our unique foot 2D diagrams, or our Foot Risk Assessment charting.

Once you record the care provided, you have the ability to save the entry as a draft, to review it later or as complete.

Note that once the entry is complete, you cannot edit that entry any longer.

I hope this video helps, but if you have any additional questions reach out to CompanyOn’s support team, we’ll be happy to help

That is it! You are ready to record the care you provide!

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