Welcome to CompanyOn’s eConsent Template Forms

Our eConsent form template allows you to create and customize a consent template for your services so your clients can make informed decisions in a simplified and consistent way.

Let’s show you how it works.

You can create or customize as many eConsents forms as you need by going into your admin menu and clicking on the templates tab.

To create your own, please click on the create tab. Give a name to the template you are creating and on the form builder add any information you would like your client to consent as part of the services you provide.

You can use our special shortcut by typing 2 square brackets, to pre-populate your client’s and practice’s information. So every time you want to send a consent, this information will be automatically populated. Otherwise, you can always draft a consent with the information you want manually.

Once you have added the content you need, save the template. You will now be able to send your eConsent via our online forms

Head to the timeline and click on online forms to select the consent you wish to send electronically.

That it is. You can now access your eConsent form from your patient’s timeline via online forms. Every time you create a new eConsent , it will be listed as part of your online forms.

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