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The Story of Diane Hill Foot Care Nurse

Diane is the owner of Advanced Footcare by Nurses., a locally owned home business and mobile service offering years of experience providing personalized foot care in homes, hospitals and medical facilities in the lower mainland.

Diane Hill

Advanced Foot Care by Nurses


Mobile foot care nursing services


“CompanyOn allows me to operate my mobile foot care business ‘on the go’, with easy access to patient records any place at any time. I spend more time focusing on my patients needs knowing that CompanyOn takes care of my needs; scheduling, taking payments, documentation, and knowing my client’s data is stored safely on Canadian servers gives me the peace of mind I have been looking for”

Diane Hill

The Challenges

Like many independent practitioners, Diane experienced the challenges of running a business while caring for clients on her own. From accessing records and documenting care on the go, to scheduling, appointments and processing payments, Diane always found it difficult to create a structure within her small business that could streamline and automate all the processes necessary to run her private practice, while complying with the privacy and confidentiality requirements of healthcare records as a regulated professional.

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Why Diane Chose Companyon

For Diane, the idea of a business owner being able to operate on the go,  by using a platform that is tailored to her business needs while eliminating unnecessary overhead costs., was very appealing. In the past, she tried a similar app called Cliniko, but unfortunately, the complexity of processes, lack of specialized chart templates and the location of its servers outside of Canada, did not meet her needs.

What difference has Companyon made in Diane’s business

CompanyOn has allowed Diane to grow her business in ways she always envisioned. She has been using CompanyOn for almost 2 years now and it has made a big impact in the way she runs her practice. Not only has she increased productivity and efficiency, through automated and electronic communication and documentation to better engage and care for her clients, but also streamlining the payment for her services.

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