Mobile Advanced Footcare Nursing Services

I recognize the complexities associated with limited mobility and health concerns. I am a compassionate and skilled psychiatric footcare nurse delivering exceptional in-community services directly to your doorstep.

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About Me

Welcome! I’m Debbie Coulombe, bringing over 40 years of compassionate expertise to the field of psychiatric nursing. My career has spanned a rich variety of settings, including community health, forensics, extended care, assisted living, and home care services. Four years ago, I embraced my passion for footcare, a field where my dexterity and desire to foster health improvements find their perfect match.

I derive great satisfaction from providing solace and therapeutic care to my senior clients and those managing chronic conditions like diabetes and cardiac issues, as well as catering to the unique needs of athletes. As a Certified Provincial Instructor with a 7-year tenure in nursing education, I am zealous about teaching, promoting wellness, and supporting individuals in their journey to better health.

Beyond individual care, I conduct educational workshops in various facilities, empowering people with knowledge and practical skills to take charge of their foot health and overall well-being.”

I am a member of the Lower Mainland Foot Care Nursing Association.



Specialized Senior Care

Comprehensive Communication & Management

Focusing on seniors, especially those with debilitating conditions like Parkinson’s, Dementia, Arthritis, MS, and stroke, we ensure thorough, empathetic communication and specialized care tailored to individual needs.


Personalized Foot Care Services

Assessment, Planning, and Treatment

My services are comprehensive and considerate, providing relief and solutions for various foot care needs


Basic Care

Addressing common concerns such as fungal infections, overgrown, or thickened nails, offering assistance to those unable to manage self-care.


Advanced Care

Specialized treatments for individuals with Diabetes or chronic health conditions affecting circulation and nail care.


From Maintenance to Specialized Procedures, your foot health is our top priority, and our treatments reflect our commitment to your well-being

  • Nail cutting, filing, and thinning
  • Dry heel care: cracks/calluses
  • Corn and callus removal, care, and prevention
  • Skin care and moisturizing
  • Support and care for toe deformities
  • Comprehensive shoe and footwear assessments, including personalized recommendations for padding and pressure relief
  • Foot wound care related to poor circulation, blisters & other skin integrity breakdown issues
  • Referrals to additional health care professionals as required




Certifications & Education

Professional Expertise for Your Peace of Mind

Certified in the Onyfix Treatment for pain-free management of ingrown toenails

Authorized retailer of PODOExpert's patented skin care products, ensuring top-quality care for both feet and hands

Certified Provincial Instructor, providing educational presentations on proper foot care and footwear at senior facilities and community centers

Quality & Safety Standards:

Ensuring Excellence in Every Step

I adhere to the highest medical standards, with all instruments meticulously sterilized between uses, guaranteeing safety and quality for every individual treated.