Corporate Planning – Passive Income

Tax law changes that took place last year in Canada, have impacted how business owners need to handle money they retain inside their company.



A huge advantage of incorporating versus being a sole proprietor is the lower tax rate on business income. This is only the case if the business is generating more revenue than is needed for personal business expenses and this extra revenue can be retained inside the company.

This retained revenue can be invested in a variety of different ways however there is a new law stating that if your corporate investments earn $50,000 or more of taxable income then you begin to lose your small business tax rate.

Every business owner wants the problem of tax because it means that they are profitable enough for the tax to become a problem. It then becomes the goal to reduce those taxes wherever possible.

To learn more about this topic, please check the following article provided by IG Wealth Manage group.

How Will Passive Income Rules Impact Your Business?

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