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Accept payments the way your clients want to pay.

Beautifully Integrated Payment Processing

CompanyOn has beautifully integrated credit card processing features for both in-person and in-app payments.

With Square Terminal you can take payments, including Interac Debit, in person with just a click of a button.

With CompanyOn-app processing, powered by Stripe, you can store and charge cards on file and have your clients pay online.

Integrated In-Person Payments

Square Terminal connects by WiFi and has a built-in battery, so it can be used to take payments at or away from your front desk. Whether your client taps their card, phone, or smart watch, payments are automatically recorded in CompanyOn.

Simple Online Payments

Easily accept deposits or get paid in full when online appointments are booked.

Straightforward Email Invoicing

Send payable invoices by email at the click of a button.