Clients’ visit route map

In addition to the ability to access google maps directly from your CompanyOn calendar to get directions to your next visit, we are happy to share two new features on CompanyOn Maps that help our mobile practitioners see the geographical location of their clients and the route to follow for every visit ahead of time. 

Let’s show you how it works.

There are two versions of CompanyOn maps. One provides a picture of where all your clients are located.

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And the second version, provides you with the exact route of your visit for each day. Helping you know exactly each location so that you know how far away one visit is from the next one chronologically, and plan your day ahead.

You can even access your client's file directly from the map, bringing convenience and simplicity to your everyday work activities.

You can access the route map via the calendar and dashboard and the map with the overall geographical location of all your clients via the patient module.

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