Appointment Reminders to Decrease No shows

Think about it, a lot of time efficiency can be improved by utilizing an appointment reminder system. Once you have one you will wonder how you ever managed without.



Let’s look at some scenarios:

Julia is a self-employed nurse providing cover at various facilities. At least once a month Julia arrives to be told an outbreak has taken place in the facility and that she can’t see her clients after all. Is Julia supposed to just lose a day’s income?

Dawn runs a foot care clinic across town each week. She is frustrated because out of her ten appointments she is experiencing up to four no-shows a day and it’s impacting her income.

All of these situations and the similar type of situations you find yourself in could be vastly improved and prevented by operating a robust appointment reminder system.

When you have a late cancellation phoning round takes time and often people are not available at short notice. Equally calling, sending out individual emails or texts, or employing someone to do so takes a lot of time.

By sending out automatic reminders, all of the above situations could be all but eradicated.

In a survey respondents advised:

• 92% say text message is the most effective way to receive appointment reminders
• 85% state that emails are the most effective for them to receive appointment reminders
• 83% like a live phone call as a reminder
• 59% state that automated phone calls are an effective way for them.

Health care professionals using postcards and letters as reminders say that they are the least effective method of reminding their clients. Recent studies show that 97% of patients prefer to deal electronically or digitally rather than by phone.

Although different patients will have differing preferences a software system to send out appointment reminders is something that will work efficiently. You will save your business time and money and see more clients.

CompanyOn offers a simple and complete scheduling system that sends notifications automatically to remind your clients of their appointments prior to their visit.

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