Advertising Your Independent Practice: What to Consider

One of the best ways to ensure you work hours that suit your lifestyle, is to become self-employed. As a self-regulated professional, deciding on how to market yourself, may be one of more challenging elements that will probably take you out of your comfort zone.



Frequently the problem of juggling home life, childcare, and relationships around shifts takes its toll.  Some seem to manage it seamlessly for years, but for some of us; we love nursing but need to find a way to make the job work better for us.

One of the best ways to ensure you work hours that suit is to become self-employed.  Although not an easy task, if committed, reaching such a goal is possible.   Deciding on a business plan; strategy; branding and marketing are the harder elements and those that will probably take you out of your comfort zone.   To get work, you have to have a plan, it won’t just come, and people have to know that you are out there.  Please take a look at our post Use of Title; which covers the requirements about using the qualification status that you have achieved regardless of the role you are undertaking.

Disclaimer: This information is provided in an attempt to heighten sensitivity, increase awareness, and enhance judgments on this topic. We encourage our audience to contact their professional body to learn more about it. CompanyOn does not represent o speak on behalf of any regulatory body. 

Any marketing campaign you choose should have two main factors at its core:

  1. Demonstrates your professional accountability and responsibility
  2. Demonstrates that your practices are in harmony with your regulatory college

As regulated professionals, your regulatory body has clear standards of practice and guidelines when marketing and advertising your services. Some standards and guidelines to consider may be:

  • Have a written description of how your services will be marketed. 
  • Market services in a way that is congruent with regulatory Bylaws. 
  • Advertise services in a factual manner. 
  • Do not exaggerate or mislead regarding the nature of services to be provided. 
  • Avoid making reference to guarantees of services or results and comparatives or superlatives. 
  • Understand the difference between soliciting business from members of the public and potential referral sources. 

Solo practitioners might choose to specialize in a particular area.   Whatever you decide, you need to think of the one thing that sets you apart from the competition.  You are likely to find this less crucial if you are working via agencies but to be a true entrepreneur and totally manage your work-life you’ll need to find your own work. Advertising your services as required will lead you to a successful path.


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At CompanyOn, we’re committed to supporting our audience, no matter if they are just thinking in pursuing professional independence, or they are already well established solo practitioners. If there are topics you would like to learn more about, please let us know by connecting with us via our social media channels.

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Best Practices On Risk Management and Quality Assurance For Solo Practitioners

It is important for regulated solo practitioners to be committed to ongoing quality improvement and risk management of their practice. Ensuring the safe and effective provision of care services is paramount for the establishment, maintenance, and growth of any business.

One key step to accomplish this is committing to developing policies and procedures that address risks and quality assurance of your private practice

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