Advertising Your Independent Practice: What to Avoid When Marketing Your Services

Avoid making reference to guarantees of services or results and comparatives or superlatives



When marketing your services as a solo practitioner, you want to advertise your services in a way that you stand out; you want to create attractive advertising that makes prospective clients request your services.  However, a word of caution is needed here; there are certain expectations regarding your qualification and regulatory requirements that you must adhere to when advertising.

As an example based on your regulatory obligations, you may not make guarantees that a client would be happier or recover quicker in your care.  You may not advertise that you do the best dressings or apply a better dressing than another care provider, etc.

Remember that marketing of your services must comply with the rules of your regulatory college; it must be truthful, honest, and not misleading

Disclaimer: This information is provided in an attempt to heighten sensitivity, increase awareness, and enhance judgments on this topic. We encourage our audience to contact their professional body to learn more about it. CompanyOn does not represent o speak on behalf of any regulatory body. 

At CompanyOn, we’re committed to supporting our community of solo practitioners, no matter if they are just thinking of pursuing professional independence, or they are already well-established solo practitioners. If there are topics you would like to learn more about, please let us know by connecting with us via our social media channels.

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