3 Ways to Reduce No-Show Rates Within Your Practice

No-shows are a reality for most practices, especially in the beginning. However, knowing how to decrease no-shows is key to maintaining growth and staying ahead of the curve.



If you are struggling to get patients to consistently show up for their appointments, there are some simple ways to increase no-show rates.

1. Adopt a system that sends reminders to clients automatically

If use CompanyOn, no need to worry about this. CompanyOn’s calendar automatically sends reminders by email or text to clients 24 hours before an appointment is due.

This offers you a safeguard to help prevent the problem of no-shows if you are running a clinic and reminds clients of your visit.

For those that don’t have CompanyOn as the platform to help run their practice, implementing such a process is a must. You can use a spreadsheet that can trigger reminders so you can directly send notifications to your clients prior to a visit.

2. Cancellation Fees

As part of your policies, make sure you have a cancellation policy that clearly states the latest a cancellation can be made without penalty.

For domiciliary visits, typically charge full price less 10% for same-day cancellations, full price when you arrive to be told you are not required or no one is home, and 50% when the cancellation is the evening before and you cannot fill the appointment slot. Suggested no charge is 48 hours before the appointment time.

For clinics and health settings, it is reasonable to charge 50% for no-shows and 25% for last-minute cancellations if you cannot fill the appointment slots.

CompanyOn offers you the feature to set penalties for no-shows, that could be automatically set as part of your services charges.

3. Maintain a Wait List to fill availability as soon as possible

By having a list of patients who would like to be seen as soon as possible, you can frequently fill late cancellation appointment slots. You can simply tap into the list to schedule a visit right away and connect with your client to confirm their availability.

Make sure that your list is up to date and readily accessible.

A system like this increases client confidence and helps someone be seen sooner while saving you time and stress.

CompanyOn offers a simple waitlist feature link to your dashboard that helps remind you of those clients that are waiting to be seen as soon as a spot is available and in a simple way allows you to book an appointment in your calendar.

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